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$100 Off Our Annual Plan

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Claim Your Special Holiday Gift of $100 Off Our Annual Plan

Use Code: Save100


Answers to your frequently asked questions.

What are the actual dates of the $100 off promotion?

The promotion will run from the launch date on December 22, 2022, through January 31, 2023.

Do I need a coupon to get the discount?

Yes, in order to get $100 off, enter the code Save100 when you register on the Annual Plan option. Get the discount now

Can I get a discount on the Monthly Subscription Plan?

No, this promotion only offers $100 off an Annual Subscription Plan. Sign up for $100 off an annual plan

Do I need to have my rental listed on multiple booking sites to use Guesty For Hosts?

The only requirement to benefit from the time-saving features of Guesty For Hosts is to have a listing on Airbnb. Our software provides many additional benefits for hosts with rentals listed on additional sites such as or VRBO.

How does pricing work?

When subscribing to Guesty For Hosts, you can choose from a Monthly Plan or Annual Plan. With our Annual Subscription Plan, you’ll pay a set fee once per year that is also determined by the number of listings you are managing on our platform. By subscribing to the Annual Plan you receive a $100 discount. Sign up for $100 off an annual plan. If you add or remove listings from Guesty For Hosts at any time, your monthly or annual fee will be automatically updated accordingly and reflected in your next invoice.