Cleaning Management

Schedule and automate cleanings along with other team tasks to make sure everything happens when it needs to.

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Schedule cleanings and send reminders

Assign cleanings and have reminders automatically sent to relevant team members, or send reminders to make sure your team has everything in place for each reservation.

Cleaning Management Tools
Cleaning Management Tools

Share your calendar with your team via the cleaners’ portal

Give your team access to a calendar with the information relevant to them via our cleaners’ portal, where they can preview a read-only calendar in real-time. No need for them to download any apps or create their own logins.

Send step-by-step instructions to your cleaners

Create checklists breaking down the specific requirements for cleaning each property, assuring the highest level of quality. Attach these checklists to your reminders to make sure your team always sees them.

Cleaning Management Tools
Cleaning Management Tools

Keep track of all cleanings with detailed task reports

Easily follow and manage all upcoming and past jobs with our cleaning reports, which can also be utilized when making payments or reporting to a homeowner. From these reports, you can change the assigned teammate or checklist for any upcoming cleanings when needed.

I can organize all my cleaning staff and have them clean when they need to and I never need to remind them because this tool automatically does that for me
The possibility to send a reminder by SMS to the helpers is really helpful to keep the operations running smoothly.
Has been a huge benefit, allowing me more time to worry about customer service as opposed to scheduling cleaners!

Our other features

Financial Reports

Easily keep track of your revenue and payments.

Channel Manager

Directly integrate your listings with the world’s leading OTAs.

Website Builder

Set up your direct booking website in minutes.

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