Virtual Event Recap: Protect Your Properties From Damages & Nightmare Guests

By The Guesty For Hosts Team | June 30, 2022

While the majority of guest bookings transpire without a glitch, the threat of nightmare guests who cause damage, cheat hosts, or steal, is a legitimate concern. The good news is that there are many steps you can take to protect your short-term rental from damage and loss, both physically and financially. Whether it’s broken property, theft, or credit card chargebacks, there are plenty of preventative measures hosts can take to keep their property, their guests and their bank accounts safe. 

In our latest meetup, we invited Markus Nordvik, General Manager of Guesty For Hosts, Chang Kim, Guesty For Hosts’ Customer Success Lead, and Jeff Eisenberg, Guesty’s General Manager of Insurance Services, to discuss actionable strategies and tips for short-term rental risk management and damage protection. They shared insights on how to identify and mitigate risks for your short-term rental and how to enforce rules, secure payments, and reduce friction with guests over those uncomfortable situations when damage is done. 

In this recording, you will gain insight into the easiest ways to protect your property, minimize damage and even increase your revenue in the process! 

Check out the full replay below!

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