Virtual Event Recap: Perfecting Your Pricing Strategy Amid Uncertainty

By Roxy Kaye | November 27, 2022

As a short-term rental host, your profits are largely dependent on factors out of your control such as seasonality and travel trends, economic factors such as inflation, and as we have recently experienced, even global pandemics and travel bans. How can you as a host set yourself up for success despite such uncertainty?

In our latest virtual meetup with guest Richie Khandelwal, Co-Founder of PriceLabs, we discussed how hosts can leverage dynamic pricing strategies to attract bookings year-round, stand out from the competition, and increase their bottom line – all while catering to shifting guest expectations and travel trends. We also shared the newest predictions for winter bookings and tips on how to set your pricing strategy on autopilot so you can stop guessing and easily benefit from increased occupancy and revenue. 

Now is the time to set up your pricing strategy to optimize the winter season. Check out the full replay below for these essential tips that every host should utilize this year. 

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