Virtual Event Recap: How to Become Financially Free By Investing in Short-Term Rentals, With Michael Elefante

By The Guesty For Hosts Team | April 13, 2022

Do you dream of giving up your job and enjoying a passive income from your short-term rental business? Well, at the age of 27, Michael Elefante achieved that dream, just 12 months after investing in his first property. If you missed our virtual event with Michael in which he shared insights and tips on his path to financial freedom, now is your chance to watch the replay.

In this recording you will hear why Michael believes the fastest path to financial freedom is by investing in real estate, specifically short-term vacation rentals – and how he and his wife earned enough money to quit their corporate jobs and travel full-time. 

Michael is an entrepreneur, real estate investor and content creator/influencer with an audience of over 750,000 followers. Aside from investing, Michael teaches others how to successfully invest in, set up and manage Airbnb properties.

Check out the full replay below!

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