Virtual Event Recap: How Hosts Can Stay Competitive in Today’s Airbnb Market

By Roxy Kaye | January 31, 2023

With over six million active listings on Airbnb, and an ever-increasing number of rentals on the market, hosts need to position themselves to stay competitive in today’s short-term rental ecosystem. Knowledge-driven strategies on how to invest, how to market and how to drive bookings are key to not only maintaining but maximizing your occupancy rates and your profits. 

In our most recent virtual meetup, Airbnb investor, influencer and educator, Michael Elefante shared invaluable insights on everything you need in creating and maintaining a passive income from your short-term rentals. Learn the essential marketing strategies he uses to make his properties stand out and the proven short-term rental investment tactics he leverages to achieve ongoing short-term rental success.

About Michael Elefante

Michael Elefante is an entrepreneur, real estate investor & content creator/influencer with an audience of over 1K followers. You may already know him from channels like TikTok and Youtube where he educates his audience on how to make extra income by leveraging short-term rentals. Follow Michael on Instagram, Youtube and TikTok.

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