Virtual Event Recap: APAC Meetup – How to Make the Most Money Off Your Airbnb

By The Guesty For Hosts Team | February 20, 2022

Regardless of experience in the hosting sphere, unfortunately, many Airbnb hosts aren’t yet earning their full potential. With minimal efforts, hosts can bring in more bookings and generate higher profits from those bookings – they just need to know how. During our latest APAC virtual meetup our guest experts addressed just that. We were joined by industry pros Richie Khandelwal, Co-Founder of PriceLabs, and Julie George, Speaker and Author of The Million Dollar Host, who shared their expertise on how to optimise pricing strategies to boost revenue and which tools to implement to attract more guests and increase earnings.

Our speakers discussed the emergence of new traveller behaviours following the COVID-19 pandemic, which require new rules when it comes to attracting guests and generating optimal profits from each of your bookings. With actionable tips to increase bookings and revenue, we shared how Airbnb hosts can ensure they don’t leave money on the table by leveraging effective marketing tactics and dynamic data-based pricing solutions.

To hear it all for yourself, check out a full replay of the event below!

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