Top 5 Ways to Go Green With Your Airbnb Rentals

By The Guesty For Hosts Team | July 05, 2022

For a growing number of Airbnb guests, having somewhere green to stay and enjoy their vacation comes pretty high up on their checklist. The good news for Airbnb property managers and homeowners is that being sustainable is becoming easier – with Airbnb claiming that 88% of its hosts have already made their short-term rentals environmentally friendly. 

Put Your Green Goals Into Practice 
Recycling and composting. Energy efficiency and solar panels. There are plenty of ways for Airbnb hosts to incorporate greener solutions. So to help boost your listing’s eco credentials, attract the eco-friendly crowd, and support Airbnb’s global push for “local, authentic, and sustainable tourism”, we’ve put together five top tips on how to go green.

1. Make Recycling Clear and Easy to Do

Go green with your Airbnb by making recycling clear and easy

Start by researching the types of materials that can be recycled in your location, as well as universal recyclable materials. Then encourage your guests by providing them with a designated area for their recyclable trash. Clearly label the bins or use different colored bins for paper, plastic, cans, glass, etc.

Along with your usual Airbnb house rules, include any recycling instructions that you’d like your guests to abide by. Use labels and pictures to show where the bins are located and what types of items are allowed in them.

2. Compost Food Waste

Go green with your Airbnb by composting food waste

Rather than just dumping it into landfills, food waste can be put to good use by converting it into agricultural fertilizers and greener energy alternatives. As well as providing recycling bins, include another bin in your Airbnb that’s specifically for composting waste – remember to put instructions in the Airbnb guest communications and, if necessary, explain the process at check-in. 

Longer-stay guests need to know that they’re responsible for regularly taking out the compost bins to keep the bugs at bay. But for shorter turnovers, ask your cleaners to empty the bins and coordinate with any other recycling – especially if this needs to be hauled off-site. 

3. Cut Out Single-Use Plastics

Go green with your Airbnb by cutting out single-use plastic

Considering how many tons of plastic humans produce every day, everyone should be saying no to single-use products and other types of waste. Make “wash, reuse, and recycle” your eco mantra and opt for alternatives.

Choose metal cutlery rather than plastic. Switch from cleaning with paper towels to using microfiber cloths. Purchase a reusable coffee pod that guests can fill up with their own coffee, rather than using coffee makers that require plastic Keurig coffee pods, for example. Equipping properties with refillable food containers and reusable shopping bags are other simple ways to encourage guests to reduce their carbon footprint. 

4. Stock Up The Eco-Friendly Way

Go green in your Airbnb with green, sustainable alternatives

Eco-aware guests will appreciate sustainable toiletries, and detergents and non-toxic cleaning products. They’re not hard to find as many greener alternatives will be sold in your local grocery stores and supermarkets. And products that are plant-based and chemical-free are even better for your guests’ health and the environment. 

Discourage guests from buying bottled water by having filtered water coming through the faucet or offered in a pitcher with reusable cups. 

5. Invest in Energy Efficiency

Go green in your Airbnb by investing in efficient energy

Reduce business costs and the resources guests use by making your property more energy-efficient, inside and out. Start by checking the type of lightbulbs you’ve fitted. Are they the traditional incandescent type with a filament, CFLs (fluorescent) or LEDs? The latter are more expensive to buy upfront, but cost less in the long term as they use less energy.

If an appliance like the washing machine, dryer or dishwasher needs replacing, take the opportunity to buy one that’s best-rated for energy efficiency. Many feature an “eco” mode, so try to encourage guests to use the settings that save energy and water. Solar panels are another big investment to consider for a greener and ultimately more cost-effective future.

Remind guests to unplug chargers when they’re not charging their phones and other devices. Even if it’s just the charger plugged into the outlet, with nothing attached, energy is still being consumed. 

Advertise How Green You Are 

Making your Airbnb rental as sustainable as possible is just the beginning. From promoting sustainable tourism such as public transport, ride-share or bike rental, to encouraging guests to follow your house rules on recycling and being more energy efficient. Every eco-friendly step you take gets you closer to having the greenest Airbnb in town! 

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