How to Turn Your Home Into an Airbnb

By Nechama Rausman | February 24, 2022
How to Turn Your Home Intoan Airbnb Guesty for Hosts

So you want to know how to become an Airbnb host? Well, before you jump into it, you need to make sure your home is well-suited for guests to enjoy. After all, it’s much harder to fix a bad reputation due to ill-preparedness than to take some time to make sure you are set up for success. 

The advantages of listing your property through Airbnb are many, including increased exposure, more confidence and trust, and less risk to name a few, but the downside is that there is a lot of competition. The key to a successful Airbnb listing lies within your efforts to manage and optimize both your property and your listing in order to create happy guests and attract more bookings. 

Right now we are going to focus on how to transform your property into a top-notch guest accommodation but when you are ready to create a listing on Airbnb, check out our Step-by-Step Guide for Airbnb Hosts.

If you want your short term rental to stand out and draw bookings, you have to think about the guest experience. The more guests enjoy your stay, the more positive reviews and better ratings you will get and the more bookings you will bring in. Every detail that you put effort into helps to create an experience that is comfortable and memorable for your guests.  

After all, your guests’ recommendations are one of the most important ways to achieve a steady, successful relationship with Airbnb. 

Here are 7 tips on how to Airbnb your place and create distinct moments that leave your guests impressed and your reviews raving.

1. Make Your Guests Feel At Home

A big turnoff for guests is entering a property and feeling like they are intruding on someone else’s space. Guests want to feel free to make themselves at home in their surroundings. To accomplish this you want to remove your personal items such as family photos, clothing and other belongings from the areas your guests will be using (keep them in a locked room or move them to a storage unit). You also want to remove any valuables or family heirlooms for their safety.  

Clear out closets, dressers and drawers for guests to unpack and store their clothing and belongings. Make sure you have enough space and hangers for the number of guests you are able to host, even if it means bringing in an extra clothing rack.  Feel free to leave out items of interest that guests are welcome to enjoy such as books, artwork, games etc. While you want guests to feel at home, you do want to gently remind them that they are staying in someone else’s house so they will behave accordingly. 

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2. Keep it Clean

Cleanliness is an absolute necessity for an Airbnb rental, and this doesn’t just mean the obvious sweeping and bathroom scrub. Before each booking you need to do a deep clean of every room, surface, light fixture, window fixture, light switch and doorknob. You need to dust, clean fingerprints and streaks, remove mold and mildew and clean windows inside and out. Make sure all linens are freshly laundered and garbage cans emptied.  Remember your guests are comparing this experience with hotels which have a whole staff dedicated to thorough cleaning. Cleaning can be a big undertaking so one of the first investments you might want to consider is hiring a cleaning company to manage the job.  The cleaning management process can be made much easier with task management platforms such as Guesty For Hosts’ cleaning management feature

The same goes for maintenance. These sometimes little details can make a big difference in a guest’s stay. Before each booking make sure everything is in proper working order, checking light bulbs, fixing leaks, drains, or door handles. It’s important to also stay on top of routine maintenance such as replacing filters on air conditioning units or water purifying systems. When it comes to maintenance, be proactive – don’t wait until your guests complain and their experience is dampened!

3. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Much of the draw for guests to choose an Airbnb rental as opposed to a hotel is the unique personality that each property offers. This personal touch is what makes this type of travel special for both guests and hosts. So, when you are decorating and marketing your space let your personality shine through!

Charm your guests with little touches that turn a “satisfactory” experience into an “exceptional” one by spiking it with unique, memorable moments. This doesn’t require that much effort: just think of small ways you can add a little personality or humor to give your guests a fresh and original experience. A dose of your personality can be portrayed in even the most trivial aspects of the stay and give you the advantage of distinguishing your home from other listings in the area. 

This can be anything from the theme of your decor, your selection of art work or even some creativity with your Wi-Fi code. Being clever and using humor can bring on a lot of lasting smiles that will result in great connections and great reviews. 

4. Provide Convenience

Convenience is a major (if not the most relevant) factor in a guest experience. As a host, it’s your responsibility to improve their level of satisfaction by making their experience as seamless as possible.

The moment of check-in is a golden opportunity to greet guests with convenience by providing an enhanced solution for the key exchange. There are many options out there for you to avoid the need to schedule to meet your guests in person, allowing them to come and go on their own schedule. To eliminate this process altogether, you can opt to abandon keys and invest in a smart or electronic lock that your guests can easily and conveniently open with an access code that can be personalized for each guest.

If you do prefer the traditional lock-and-key system, you can accommodate your guests’ time by meeting them at the airport to handoff your keys, or arranging for a third-party to store or deliver the key at whatever time your visitor needs. If you opt for the latter, consider keeping your key at a familiar nearby coffee shop, where you can arrange for the barista to welcome your guest with a complimentary coffee or snack. A simple touch to brighten their day.

Whether it’s providing additional amenities or arranging airport pickup and drop off, providing additional conveniences to make their stay easier can really make your guests feel like a VIP. 

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5. Offer Amenities

The amenities you provide in your rental can make or break a booking and the overall guest experience. While some amenities are mandatory, like air conditioning in the summer desert, others are more of a bonus. Here are some things to consider:

Stock the kitchen.  Many people choose to stay in an Airbnb because of the convenience of having a kitchen and the ability to prepare food. Make sure you have basic cooking essentials, such as pots, pans, utensils, cutting boards, oven mitts, dish towels, condiments and spices, as well as an eating area with enough seating for the number of guests your rental can hold. Depending on the space make sure to include standard appliances (which are working properly of course) such as a fridge/freezer, microwave, stove, oven/toaster, kettle, coffee maker and dishwasher.

Provide high speed Wi-Fi and streaming services. Wi-Fi is one of most popularly requested amenities and expands your pool of renters to include business travelers. In this day and age, most people expect to have access to Wi-Fi wherever they go. In addition, providing cable, smart TV or streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu gives guests a way to relax after a day of sightseeing or to occupy kids before dinner time. 

Be generous with essentials. Stock up on clean linens, extra blankets, bathroom towels, toiletries, toilet paper, tissues and soap so guests know they won’t run out. Leave some toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, and hand lotion for an extra touch. If you have a laundry machine make sure there is plenty of detergent (or be sure to provide info about where guests can launder clothing in case of need). 

Be prepared for emergencies. While we hope they won’t need to use it, it’s important for your guests to have what they need in case of an emergency.  This includes an easily accessible fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, first aid kits, flashlights, weather radios, batteries, water, non-perishables, blankets, important local numbers or instructions and in relevant cases shovels and ice melts. 

Enhancing your space with amenities can be an ongoing process so you don’t need to have everything in place before you start listing; but you do want to include enough to get started on the right foot with your first guests so they will leave positive reviews and get the ball rolling. 

6. Be Gracious

One way to stand out among hosts is to go above and beyond your guests’ expectations. Catching them off guard with your thoughtfulness and willingness to accommodate is the easiest way to make a quick and positive connection.

Nothing will charm a guest like a complimentary welcome package waiting upon arrival. Consider a package made up of a healthy ratio of creativity, thoughtfulness, and generosity. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy: it can be as simple as a map of the surrounding area, a couple bottles of water, some postcards, and a local delicacy. Or you can add an extra touch by gifting a bottle of wine or a metrocard with money for a few trips already loaded.

If you welcome your guests with giving, you’ll not only exceed their expectations but also invoke their desire to repay the favor (as in, a very warm recommendation on Airbnb). 

7. Be Clear and Informative

In order to avoid misunderstandings it’s best to be very clear about your house rules. Before you bring guests into your house decide what your policies will be and make sure you present them clearly to guests either before or upon their arrival. This should include details such as your smoking and pet policies, the maximum number of guests, any specific quiet hours or guidelines regarding neighbors. While you are at it, include instructions for TV remotes, AC, heating, security, Wi-Fi passwords and parking info as well as local resources and attractions such as gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, attractions, and transportation information. 

In Conclusion…

Each and every interaction with your guests counts toward their overall impression, which you want to be positive. To succeed amongst the competition, you need to think outside the box (and into your guests’ head) in order to distinguish your property. 

Get creative with how you accomplish this and always consider how you can stand out on both an individual level and a big-picture level. If you’re unique, kind, and pay attention to the little details, you will optimize your visitors’ experience while you maximize your reputation as a host.

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