Guesty For Hosts Offers Protection From Airbnb Damage

By Nechama Rausman | July 12, 2022

Airbnb damage caused by guests is an inherent risk that comes with the high reward of hosting short-term rentals. Although there is a slew of tools available to limit these damages, such as noise monitors and advanced guest screening systems, Airbnb guest accidental damage to your property (and sometimes even intentional damage), is unfortunately inevitable.

Hosts have a number of ways to deal with damage to Airbnb property and recover compensation, but often times they can be time-consuming and difficult. Requesting large security deposits or chasing after guests after their stay, may end up in lost bookings, bad reviews, credit card disputes, and ultimately money loss.

Guesty For Hosts identified Airbnb damage and related disputes as pain points that are shared by all of our users, and worked expeditiously to create a solution that would be intuitive, user-friendly, and highly effective. We are proud to announce the launch of Guesty’s Damage Protection: our new, easy-to-use feature that’s fully integrated with Guesty For Hosts and designed to cover your properties’ contents from Airbnb guest damages.

Simply set up Guesty’s Damage Protection coverage right within our app.

Whether it’s a broken appliance, a stained rug, or damage to those delicate items that make your rental unit unique, our comprehensive Airbnb damage policy will cover the repair or replacement costs. You can easily file an Airbnb damage claim directly from the Guesty For Hosts app, all without dealing with security deposits, payment requests, or guest damage disputes.

Guesty’s Damage Protection eliminates friction with guests over damages and payments and guarantees damage compensation by including coverage in the cost of the booking. Here’s how Guesty’s Damage Protection works:

Getting Started with Damage Protection

For existing Guesty For Hosts users in the US and Mexico, starting with Damage Protection is as easy as following this link and signing up. If you’re not yet a user, you can learn more about Damage Protection and sign up for a free 14-day trial of Guesty for Hosts to see firsthand how Damage Protection works.

Currently, this service is only available in the US and Mexico, but we are hard at work to release it in additional regions over the coming months. You can sign up here for our waiting list, and we will contact you as soon as Damage Protection becomes available in your region.

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